Cycle Training Wales won the Social Enterprise Business of the Year, kindly sponsored by JR Smart. We caught up with them after their win to find out a bit more:

1. How did it feel to win a Cardiff Business Award?

Amazing! It was great on Monday morning to be able to bring the trophy into work to show all our staff and volunteers.

2. How did you find the experience of the Awards night?

It was a quality night – great food and entertainment and a very exciting atmosphere.

3. How do you strive to make a difference in the Cardiff Business market?

As a social enterprise, financial income is just part of our business, as we also strive year on year to increase our social outcomes, create more jobs and get more people cycling.

4. What are your goals for the next 12 months?

We will be looking to significantly develop our bike repair service and more generally be aiming to serve a wider geographical area.

5. What is the biggest lesson you have learned in the past year as a company?

Always ensure you have the capacity to deliver before you market and advertise a new service – that way you will be able to deliver quality and your customers will return.

6. What one piece of advice would you give to any aspiring business owner?

Recruit carefully – getting the right staff is absolutely crucial for any small business.

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